Merlin Energy Resources Ltd.

Merlin: a name that conjures up images of Arthurian legends and medieval wizardry; a name to live up to. We are not going to claim to be magic as a company and individually we are not leaders in our fields, although well up there. Together, however, our geoscience team adds up to more than the sum of the members and has a track record of delivering real value for our exploration and production clients. No magic here, just the thoughtful application of petroleum geoscience in a commercially aware fashion.

So, welcome to our website, and thank you for visiting. Click through and investigate Merlin's capabilities and our track record. If you think that we might live up to the name, and to your expectations, then please get in touch: the Merlin Energy team, supported by Merlin Datawise and in partnership with Belltree, can benefit your organisation across the E&P life cycle.