Intelligent keyphrase extraction service

You need to be able to understand what is in your data to unlock its full value.  Up to 80% of all data in enterprises is unstructured.  That is to say it is not organized in a pre-defined manner and is text-heavy. Furthermore, about 90% of all unstructured data is ’dark’- unknown/lost and unanalysed data without context and metadata. These large volumes of data currently serve nothing and are useless knowledge. Using our Keywise Service enables you to shine a light into these untapped resources. 

Keywise is an automated keyword and keyphrased extractor.  Most importantly it doesn’t require any pre-conditioning of data and provides a non-distruptive service with entire catalogues of files processed in a single operation

Keywise service enables keyword extraction from text documents

What's involved?

Merlin's Capability

We recognised that for many, full technical metadata indexing represents a huge barrier in terms of cost and effort vs perceived reward. As a result non-indexed unstructured and semi-structured data remain common. In order to improve data value for clients we created Keywise as an affordable and efficient service.

If you would like to see what Keywise can do please give us a call.  We are happy to receive small batches of documents (<40) from prospective clients that we will process at no charge (at our sole discretion) to show what it can do.