Business-Focused Geochemistry Solutions

Many companies do not have the need for a full-time geochemist. However, there are always times when advice is necessary on data acquisition programmes or to understand and leverage the value of existing data. 

Merlin Geochem can provide the support that you need through ad-hoc advisory services, an outsourced chief geochemist, or carrying out bespoke technical studies.

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New Opportunities

Oil Seeps can be evaluated by Merlin Geochem

Merlin Geochem can work as part of the wider Merlin Geoscience Team, or as a dedicated specialist in your own extended technical team. We are here to help in data room evaluations and licensing round applications providing hydrocarbon charge assessment of new opportunities.

As experts in surface geochemistry, we cut through the jargon and help identify the true significance of seep and slick studies.

Exploration Evaluation

Exploration drilling provides fluids for petroleum system understanding

Merlin Geochem can provide support throughout the exploration phase.

We start by providing you with a clear understanding of hydrocarbon charge risk, phase and fluid quality at the play and prospect scale using geochemistry and basin modelling workflows. This supports asset acquisition and ranking within exploration portfolios. We carry out pre-drill assessment of hydrocarbon fluid properties to determine the risk of contaminant presence, such as hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide or mercury.

Once you have made a decision to drill, Merlin can design and execute sampling and analysis programs to address specific technical questions. During drilling and sampling operations we can carry out hydrocarbon show analysis. Finally, following well completion, Merlin can supply post-well reports and interpretations that make use of well results to refine hydrocarbon charge models.

Appraisal and Development Support

Hydrocarbon property evaluation can be carried out by Merlin Geochem

Geochemical fingerprinting can be used to help understand reservoir connectivity for appraisal and development drilling. The distribution of hydrocarbon fluid properties across a reservoir can be predicted through integration of geochemical analysis with other hydrocarbon data. The use of this workflow helps to optimise well placement and, in turn, maximise hydrocarbon recovery.

Merlin can also help you design and execute the necessary sampling and analysis programs for development projects. These provide the flow assurance and contaminant characterisation needed for facilities design.

Production Support

Geochemical fingerprinting is a cost-effective way to allocate production fluids in commingled flow lines when data from traditional meters is lacking or unreliable.

Geochemical fingerprinting is a cost-effective way to allocate production fluids in commingled flow lines when data from traditional meters is lacking or unreliable. We have experience in design and execution of allocation programs in a wide variety of settings, from individual reservoir intervals to field-level allocation at production terminals. Merlin Geochem’s production allocation experience is available to help your Well, Reservoir and Facilities Management activities.

We can also implement time lapse studies to monitor production and help assess reservoir drainage patterns and sweep efficiency and predict gas or water breakthrough at producing wells.

Asset Integrity, Forensic Geochemistry and Decommissioning

The natural variability of subsurface fluids means that geochemical analysis can often be used as a forensic tool. Merlin can assist operators or other stakeholders to evaluate the origin of hydrocarbons in the environment or accumulating at well heads. Such information is critical in identifying the most appropriate remediation strategy.

We also have experience of using similar forensic techniques to monitor the effectiveness of well abandonment and can provide geological input as part of an integrated team to help optimise decommissioning activities in batch campaigns.

Want to know more?

We maintain a library of technical articles which explain more about the services we deliver. Please click on the link to explore the library.