Merlin Newsletter 10-03-2021

Data Visualisation: How Many Elephants are in the Room?

In the world of big data, visualisations enable us to extract the maximum value from our data as efficiently as possible. By using visualisations we can quickly identify and interrogate patterns in data, saving both time and money. Visualisations are also highly effective for communicating key conclusions with non-technical audiences, allowing big investment decisions to be made with confidence.

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Merlin Newsletter 03-03-2021

National Careers Week and British Science Week 2021

The beginning of March marks a busy time for Merlin’s involvement in the wider community. This week (1-6th March) is ‘National Careers Week’ which aims to empower positive change through careers education. This is followed next week (5-14th March) by ‘British Science Week’ which celebrates science, engineering, technology and maths.

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Merlin Newsletter 18-02-2021

4 Reasons Not to Fear Machine Learning

This time last year, if I’d read the words “machine learning” in an article I would have skipped on past, assuming this was a topic for somebody else to think about. However, a year is a long time (particularly if that year is 2020) and I now eagerly hoover up as many machine learning, artificial intelligence and neural network articles as I can find on a geoscience theme. Why?...

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Merlin Newsletter 10-02-2021

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Thursday 11th February marks the 6th International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

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Merlin Newsletter 03-02-2021

National Draw a Dinosaur Day!

In order to celebrate National Draw a Dinosaur day, which this year took place on 30th January in the US, everyone at Merlin decided to have a go. In this Newsletter is a collage of our efforts, and we even roped in some of our family members too!

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Merlin Newsletter 27-01-2021

Prospex 2020

With the drought in conferences this year caused by Covid, it was a pleasure to be able to attend Prospex 2020, albeit virtually. In addition to hearing about prospects available for farm-in, there were discussions of what a net zero future may mean and opportunities to catch up with colleagues and clients via the online chat, over a coffee, or in the virtual Steam Passage with something a bit stronger.

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Merlin Newsletter 21-01-2021

Geochemical Production Allocation at the Oil & Gas Focus Group Meeting

In December Merlin’s Principal Geochemist Paul Taylor presented an overview of geochemical production allocation methods to the Oil and Gas Focus Group. This Group, managed by TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory on behalf of the UK Government's National Measurement System (NMS), is a technical network focused on flow measurement and flow-related issues within the oil and gas industry.

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Merlin Newsletter 17-12-2020

Merry Christmas from everyone at Merlin Energy Resources

We have chosen three excellent charities to donate to this year in lieu of sending Christmas cards: Crisis, Practical Action and Ledbury Food Bank

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Merlin Newsletter 15-12-2020

Lessons learned from the 'EO Boost' conference

‘EO’? Yes, I know, yet another acronym to remember! Apologies for that but this one is close to our hearts at Merlin and simply stands for ‘Employee Ownership’!

Featured article: 'Lessons learned from the 'EO Boost' conference' By Helen Bone, Senior Geologist

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Merlin Newsletter 09-12-2020

Christmas jumpers this year in aid of Save the Children

Remote working has not stopped us donning our favourite Christmas jumpers this year in aid of Save the Children. As an added bonus, we have also created some festive backgrounds to match!

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Merlin Newsletter 02-12-2020

Merlin staff will be attending the PESGB Prospex 2020 Conference (15th – 16th December)

Helen Bone and Phil Copestake will be attending the PESGB Prospex 2020 Conference (15th – 16th December) to network, assess the current oil and gas landscape and to consider new opportunities in the energy transition.

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Merlin Newsletter 19-11-2020

Merlin staff are looking forward to attending the EO Boost conference

As members of the EOA, Merlin staff are looking forward to attending the EO Boost conference November 24th - 26th.

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Merlin Newsletter 17-11-2020

Merlin attending the OGUK Offshore Decommissioning Conference

Paul Taylor and Helen Bone will be attending the OGUK Offshore Decommissioning Conference (24th - 25th November) to deepen Merlin’s knowledge around the current decommissioning landscape and how it may change moving forward.

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"The Standard Stratigraphic Nomenclature of Offshore Ireland: An Integrated Lithostratigraphic, Biostratigraphic and Sequence Stratigraphic Framework".

Merlin Energy Resources Limited is pleased to announce the completion of the landmark PIP-PAD IS16/04 project "The Standard Stratigraphic Nomenclature of Offshore Ireland: An Integrated Lithostratigraphic, Biostratigraphic and Sequence Stratigraphic Framework". This project, which was commissioned and funded by the Irish Shelf Petroleum Studies Group (ISPSG) of the Petroleum Infrastructure Programme (PIP) has been carried out by a consortium of companies, led by Merlin Energy Resources Ltd, incorporating Palaeodate Ltd, Network Stratigraphic Consulting Ltd, Riley Geoscience Ltd, Integrated Geochemical Interpretation Ltd and Dunford Exploration Ltd. The project was mentored by the Petroleum Affairs Division (PAD) of Ireland's Department of Environment, Climate and Communications.

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Quintessa Logo

Quintessa and Merlin Form Strategic Alliance

Merlin Energy Resources and Quintessa have agreed to form a strategic alliance to identify and develop joint business opportunities based on their extensive experience in characterising the subsurface for clients in multiple industries since the 1990's.

Both Merlin and Quintessa are employee-owned companies and are members of the Employee Ownership Association. They share common values including a genuine passion for their work and a strong commitment to supporting the transition to low carbon energy.

The alliance brings together two groups of technical professionals with deep expertise in geosciences, data management & analysis, decision support, mathematical & geochemical modelling and software development skills.

Quintessa and Merlin will combine their skills to support clients in a range of areas including carbon capture and storage (CCS), geothermal energy utilisation, hydrogen production and storage, natural gas storage, and the decommissioning of oil and gas production facilities.

Merlin Newsletter 10-2020

Geochemical fingerprinting, well integrity and licensing opportunities in Africa

Not everything has gone quiet with Covid. Read our overview of the current licensing opportunities in Africa and learn how geochemical fingerprinting can provide a cost effective solution to evaluate well integrity thanks to our Principal Geochemist, Paul Taylor.

Featured article: 'Geochemical Fingerprinting and Well Integrity' By Paul Taylor, Principal Geochemist

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Merlin Newsletter 09-2020

UK Offshore 32nd Licensing Round and the importance of well to seismic ties

This month has been one of clear positives and negatives with the announcement of both the UK's 32nd Offshore Licensing Round and the recent increases in lockdown measures. Why not take a break with our September newsletter as we say goodbye to Tim, consider the future innovation on the UKCS, and find out just how important that well to seismic tie is.....

Featured article: 'Well to Seismic Ties: Why Bother?' By Eleanor Oldham, Senior Geophysicist

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Merlin Newsletter 08-2020

Keywise - The key to unlocking your data

Do you ever look at your digital filing system and wonder what some files contain? Have you lost data over time because of unclear file naming? Merlin Datawise are now able to help with their new Keywise service. Click the newsletter to find out more from Sandy Smith our Datawise Division Manager.

Featured article: 'Keywise: Gain rapid data insight using auto-extracted keywords and key-phrases' By Sandy Smith, Datawise Division Manager

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Merlin Newsletter 04-2020

The Energy Transition, Merlin Geochem and our new website!

What connects hydrocarbon reservoirs, geochemistry and elephants? Intrigued? We were before reading the article provided for us this month by Paul Taylor our Principal Geochemist and relatively recent addition to the Merlin team. Also, find out how Merlin’s staff have been getting involved in the Energy Transition, the profile and momentum of which appears to have been growing apace.

Featured article: 'What connects hydrocarbon reservoirs, geochemistry and elephants?' By Paul Taylor, Principal Geochemist & Merlin Geochem Division Manager

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Merlin Newsletter 04-2020

Adopt, Adapt, Survive!!

As always at Merlin, we continue to look to the future so that we can support your existing activities and work with you to ensure a cleaner greener energy industry of the future. We are therefore excited and delighted to welcome Paul Taylor to the Merlin team and introduce Merlin Geochemistry to our portfolio of services and solutions. Much more from Paul to come in our next edition, but for now, here is a little taster..

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Merlin Newsletter 03-2020

Biosteering, the world of work and a fond farewell...

In a world where a lot has changed in a month, and continues to change on a daily basis, here at Merlin it is 'business as usual' (well as usual as we can make it). Take five to read about Gary's running adventures, the difficulties of the first job search, and expand your knowledge of biosteering in the industry.

Featured article: 'Biosteering: What is it, how is it done and why do we use it?' By Tony Loy, Senior Geologist / Stratigrapher

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Merlin Newsletter 02-2020

CCUS, Women in Science and Ethiopia

In the midst of poor weather this winter, take five and admire the stunning landscapes of Ethiopia in a special extended geoliday edition, and see how Merlin celebrated international Women in Science day. Also learn about the challenge of CCUS, how important it is to understand the challenge of decarbonisation and most importantly, how Merlin can help you with this tricky yet increasingly important issue.

Featured article: 'Extended Geoliday: Ethiopia' By Eleanor Oldham, Senior Geophysicist/Rock Physicist

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Merlin Newsletter 01-2020

Hello 2020!

Here at Merlin we are welcoming in the new year and are looking forward to what the new decade will unfold in this rapidly evolving time in the oil and gas industry.

Featured article: 'A Geophysical Stroll Around The Isle of Portland' By John Donato, Principal Geophysicist

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Merlin Newsletter 12-2019

Merry Christmas from Merlin!

From all of us here at Merlin and Datawise, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We are excited to see what 2020 will bring and we look forward to working with you in the new year.

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Merlin Newsletter 11-2019

Conferences, competitions and a fond farewell

Conference season is in full swing. Click on the newsletter to read about the progress of the Offshore Ireland project, what we learned at the ESRI European Petroleum Conference, our skittles social and our farewell to Felicity.

Featured article: 'Integrated Biostratigraphic & Lithostratigraphic Framework of Offshore Ireland' by Philip Copestake

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Merlin Newsletter 10-2019

International EarthCache Day!

Autumn is in full swing - Click on the newsletter to see how we got on at the PESGB Africa Conference in London, learn more about our outreach work and take a look inside the amazing Turda Salt mine in Romania.

Featured article: 'EarthCaching Excitement' by Fiona Lawrance

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Merlin Newsletter 09-2019

Outreach Training

As the days are getting shorter and the summer holiday season is coming to an end, we are looking back at the amazing experiences some of the staff here at Merlin have had over the summer exploring the beautiful coastlines of the UK.

We have also been looking at how we can share our experiences and knowledge with the wider community and hopefully spark an interest in the next generation of geoscientists. Featured article: 'Outreach Training' by Tim Wright

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Merlin Newsletter 08-2019

Seismic Data - Location, Location, Location

This year we have been thinking about how, here at Merlin, we can improve our sustainability in our daily activities. Click the newsletter to find out what we have implemented and what we plan for the future. We have also been enjoying the lovely summer weather - read about our annual cricket match and Tim's trip to Northern Spain in another extended geoliday edition. Last but by no means least, Felicity explains the importance of managing valuable seismic survey data and see how Merlin Datawise can help you.

Featured article: 'Seismic Data - Location, Location, Location' by Felicity Goldrick

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Merlin Newsletter 07-2019

Interpretation Pitfalls and Merlin out and about!

This month, as well as celebrating 3 years of being employee owned, Merlin has been getting out and about in the lovely summer weather. click the newsletter to read more about our canoeing trip on the River Wye, geocaching, the geology of the Isle of Man, and the pitfalls of always believing your data!

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Merlin Newsletter 06-2019

New Ventures for Merlin

This month we have been thinking about the Future. Eleanor Oldham attended the EAGE Conference in London where embracing change and the advancements of machine learning were important themes. At Merlin, we have also been thinking about our own future and what new and exciting ideas we would like to pursue. Click the newsletter to read more about these topics and find out a bit more about the Merlin drill bit...

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Merlin Newsletter 05-2019

Geocaching, Geofest and the Digital Future

This month at Merlin we have been making the most of the May Bank Holidays and it has inspired us to get outdoors. There are lots of ideas for you to do the same in this months newsletter as we look forward to the start of Summer!

Featured article: 'Have you ever thought of Geocaching?' by Fiona Lawrance.

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Merlin Newsletter 04-2019

Meet our team, old photos and champagne

This month we are pleased to unveil our brand new company portraits! They have prompted us to take a walk down memory lane and dig out some of the photos from Merlin's early days, for you all to see. Do you think we have changed much?...

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Merlin Newsletter 03-2019

Merlin insights, STEM outreach and our new look

Spring has sprung, and with it came a few glorious days of sunshine that allowed us to retake our company portraits. Have a watch of our vlog of us in action!

Featured article: 'Merlin Insights - Sri Lanka, the UKCS and Norway', by Phil Copestake.

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Merlin Newsletter 02-2019

Our thoughts on the South Celtic Sea Basin

Even though it is a short month, February seems to have flown past in the blink of an eye for us. With lots going on, click the newsletter to see what we have been up to.

Featured article: 'Have we overlooked the South Celtic Sea Basin?' by Owain Lavis.

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Merlin Newsletter 01-2019

Geology Without Borders

Happy New Year to all! Although it may seem like a long time ago already, we hope you had fun and restful festive breaks. Over at Merlin, we have been busy with plans for 2019. With a stablising oil price and more projects coming through the door, it looks to be an exciting year ahead!

Featured article: 'Geology without borders', by Phil Copestake and Tony Loy.

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Merlin Newsletter 12-2018

Merry Christmas, from everyone here at Merlin

Wishing you all a sparkly, jingly, magical and most of all, Merry Christmas, from everyone here at Merlin. We look forward to seeing you all in the New Year!

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Merlin Newsletter 11-2018

Is Chartership still relevant in the petroleum industry?

The end of the year in the UK is always marked with a flurry of conferences for the oil and gas industry, and this year is no different - with PETEX currently in full swing! Click the newsletter to see what we got up to at the Atlantic Ireland and Employee Ownership conferences, and what our plans are for PROSPEX.

Featured article: 'Why you should be thinking about Chartership', by Andy Sims.

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Merlin Newsletter 10-2018

Peeling back Britain's layers with gravity and magnetics

The start of autumn has brought with it many exciting events for Merlin, and we are pleased to share with you in this newsletter. We also look forward to the Atlantic Ireland Conference at the beginning of November and hope to see many of you there.

Featured article: 'Discovering the secrets beneath Britain', by John Donato.

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Merlin Newsletter 09-2018

A new era for offshore Ireland?

This month's newsletter is 'all things Ireland', ahead of the 2018 Atlantic Ireland Conference in October. We are proud to be presenting the key results of the Merlin-lead project to define a new stratigraphic framework for the entire offshore Ireland sector, on behalf of the Irish government. Find out more in this newsletter.

Featured article: Setting New Standards for Irish Stratigraphy, by Phil Copestake.

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Merlin Newsletter 08-2018

Our First Issue, Field Trips and Cricket

Welcome to our first ever newsletter! We are really excited to be sharing our latest updates with you and bringing you interesting articles on anything from petroleum geoscience to data management - and everything in between! Thank you for joining the Merlin family, we hope you enjoy...

Featured article: SPWLA petrophysicists, great geology and sunshine - the recipe for a perfect field trip, by Tim Wright.

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