Merlin can help you understand your production fluids

Optimal management of oil and gas fields requires a good understanding of the origin and accounting of production fluids. Production demands and facilities design often mean that dedicated well and zonal testing is not possible. Subsea or downhole gauges & flow meters can be used to infer production behaviour, but such devices can fail or become erroneous over time. Geochemical production allocation uses the natural chemistry of produced fluids.  This allows fluids to be assigned to individual wells, reservoirs, fields or platforms.  This allocation is carried out without well intervention or production deferment and at minimal cost.

Merlin Geochemistry can help you with your production allocation

What's involved?

Merlin's Capability

Merlin has the expertise and experience to execute geochemical allocation projects for upstream and midstream operators. All operations can be managed by Merlin to the highest technical and HSSE standards to provide reliable data direct to clients.

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