Should a client request a project scope that includes elements that lie outside our in-house capabilities, Merlin will bring in selected third party consultancies to add specialist skills. Some of our trusted third party companies are:

Badley Geoscience Ltd. provide specialist structural analyses, and have complemented Merlin's in-house structural capabilities on several projects.

Belltree Merlin enjoy a teaming agreement with Belltree, who provide bespoke reservoir engineering consultancy. Through our partnership we deliver a complete sub-surface solution across the E&P spectrum.

IGI Ltd. have worked with Merlin on several projects, and provide both geochemistry and petroleum systems modelling.

REXIMseis Ltd. have provided high quality well log scanning, with a quick turn-around.

Lynx Information Systems provide seismic scanning and vectorising services and thus help us to rapidly build a seismic database for our clients, which is especially useful for project start-ups.

SCGIS provide high class GIS and geodetic support. SCGIS help us deliver novel GIS solutions within the E&P workflow.