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Value optimisation is an essential driver of any industry. We can use our combined experience to review your assets or projects.  Merlin Geoscience provides red flag reports clearly communicating key risks and uncertainties.  In addition we identify and recommend risk mitigation steps which can be used to help optimise asset value.  

What's involved?

Traffic light reports highlight risks and mitigation actions

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Business decisions with large financial consequences need to be based upon the highest quality technical evaluation.  Don’t take any chances.  Let Merlin’s Advisory Service provide the assurance that your business decisions are based on the best possible information.

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Merlin’s expert technical team bring to bear over 250 years experience with over 17 different operators when conducting asset reviews. Staff specialisms range across the petroleum system workflow and our integrated team approach combines this to identify key uncertainties at each stage of the asset evaluation. When recommending forward workflow items Merlin take a pragmatic approach which considers an individual companies’ situation and tailors recommendations accordingly.

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Portfolio development can be significantly aided by the compilation and data management of historic datasets.  This ensures all relevant data is evaluated and an optimal business decision can be made.

Merlin Partners & Associates

Where Merlin do not have expertise in house, external partners and associates can be called on to provide these specialisms.