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Acquiring, reprocessing or inverting seismic data are expensive processes.  Rock physics analyses can maximise the value of your existing data, allowing you to de-risk amplitude driven prospects and make more informed decisions about future investments. Rock physics can also be used to support the Energy Transition, providing a set of workflows essential for screening and monitoring CCS sites.


Tuning Wedge

Delivered in partnership with RPA, Merlin proudly offer Rob Simm’s original Essentials of Rock Physics and Seismic Amplitude Interpretation course.  This non-software specific course has been helping geoscientists to understand the practical aspects of rock physics techniques since 1999.

Content is delivered via a mixture of presentations and interactive learning through worked (MS Excel based) exercises.

8 X half day modules

River delta
  1. Fundamentals, rock properties and AVO.
  2. Seismic interpretation using rock physics and AVO.
  3. Wavelets and well ties.
  4. Rock physics inputs, Gassmann’s equation and seismic modelling.
  5. Rock characterisation.
  6. AVO analysis.
  7. Rock properties from seismic.
  8. Seismic inversion and rock physics risking.

Tailored to your needs

Not everyone has the time or the requirement to cover the material of the full course.

For this reason, Merlin also offer shorter courses with a flexible arrangement of modules, on demand.

Virtual delivery is available worldwide.  In-person delivery is subject to consideration.  Please enquire below:

course presenter

at Merlin Energy Resources Ltd

Eleanor Oldham is a geophysicist specialising in the quantitative side of seismic interpretation, from rock
physics to depth conversion. She has an MSc in Exploration Geophysics from the University of Leeds and has been working in the oil and gas industry since 2009.

Eleanor has been with Merlin Energy Resources since graduating, during which time she has worked on a wide variety of exploration and development projects from around the world.

Eleanor is a member of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists, European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers and the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain.

Courses run on a public or private basis.
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