CCUS projects support net zero targets

Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) supports the global drive to reduce carbon emissions and prevent further global warming.  There is a continuing global need for energy and materials in the near to medium term which must be met. The transition to cleaner renewable energy sources has begun, but with the current demands oil and gas production must continue for now. In addition waste products from industrial processes which cannot be “decarbonised” need to be safely disposed of.

Projects to capture the carbon dioxide from industrial process and inject it into the subsurface for long term storage are an essential element in the strategy to limit global warming. Oil fields can provide one such ideal environment for CO2 storage with the added benefit that the injected gas allows for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) from the field. This technique is useful particularly for fields that are in late stage production, as it maximises recovery and improves overall carbon efficiency. Alternatively depleted gas fields or water-bearing ‘saline aquifers’ can also be used.

How we can help you

Merlin can use their subsurface experience gained through years of hydrocarbon exploration to support your CCUS projects.  In conjunction with our affiliate companies we can provide bespoke combinations of expert support.

To assess potential CCUS sites and stores, we can:-

To support the evaluation of operational CCUS projects, ongoing tasks could include:- 

If you think we can assist you on your carbon capture project, please get in touch with us to find out more.