Merlin Geoscience energy transition services

Merlin Geoscience is now supporting the energy transition.  Our staff have specialist skills, such as stratigraphy, structural evaluation, petrophysics, reservoir engineering and geochemistry, which can support companies on a wide range of projects including CCS.

A bespoke solution for you

Every project we work on is different, and we will work with you to understand your requirements and deliver a bespoke solution. Our experienced staff provide quality technical support and aim to work as a seamless extension to your existing team either on individual projects or as your outsourced technical services.

Merlin CCS services


Merlin Geoscience can help provide geological context to your CCS projects. Using our expert skillset we can identify potential storage intervals within the subsurface. Placing these within risk matrices allows these possible storage sites to be ranked to identify those to be carried forward to the next stage of evaluation.

Merlin can also provide geo-communication support during the stakeholder engagement process.  


Screening workflows can cover everything from regional CRS mapping to storage site definition and identification of legacy data and infrastructure. Site screening, together with risking, is an iterative process, which can be done in collaboration with stakeholders and regulators, to ensure timely and efficient project communication. Merlin’s experienced team can help with CCS screening capabilities across the lifecycle of your project.


Merlin’s experienced staff bring together a range of geoscience skills including stratigraphy, structural interpretation, petrophysics, rock physics, reservoir engineering and geochemistry. This toolbox of skills allows detailed characterisation of the reservoir defining spill points and reservoir baffles in conjunction with an understanding of the pore characteristics of the storage space. 

Following analysis of raw data interpretations can be pulled together into static geological models and dynamic simulations for CO2 plume movement and storage assessment. Dynamic-geochemical and dynamic-geomechanical coupled models can be generated using industry leading software. The short and long term fluid-fluid, fluid-mineral interaction, and the change in mechanical properties over time allows an understanding of the storage integrity throughout the injection and storage period.



Is your reservoir acting as expected? Is your CO2 located where you think?

Monitoring of CO2 injection is an essential stage of the CCS process. Evaluating supply and injection, well integrity and plume behaviour are all required to help understand the long term security of stored carbon. Merlin can help, by leveraging rock physics and geochemical workflows, amongst others.


Traffic light reports highlight risks and mitigation actions


Merlin supported the NSTA with the development of a CCS risking framework in collaboration with Quintessa. Building on this, Merlin have now developed a CCS risking framework that can be used to enable key uncertainties to be prioritised and early red-flag issues to be raised with stakeholders.

In addition, fit for purpose risking matrices can then be used to populate measurement-monitoring-verification (MMV) plans to ensure storage site containment.

Want to know more?

We maintain a library of technical articles which explain more about the services we deliver. Please click on the link to explore the library.