Supporting the transition to a zero-carbon society

In recent years the serious issue of global warming and its impact on the planet has become evermore clear. The release of greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere are the principal cause of rising global temperatures. Most countries are now working towards becoming ‘Net Zero’ contributors to global warming by reducing their carbon footprint.


One way to reduce our carbon footprint is to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. We can do this by switching to renewable energy sources such as solar, wind or geothermal energy. Where it is not possible to stop the production of carbon dioxide completely (for example power generation, refining or industrial processes) we need to stop those gases from reaching the atmosphere. Therefore, work is underway on projects to capture carbon dioxide at the point of production and store it indefinitely in a safe underground environment.


Most of the Employee Owners at Merlin Energy are passionate Earth Scientists. We embarked on our careers because of our love for this planet and were fascinated with how it evolved. Whilst our careers have largely been spent in Oil and Gas, we are committed to supporting the Energy Transition and using our knowledge to achieve a sustainable future and affordable energy for everyone.

Carbon capture, utilisation & storage

Factory release of CO2 which can be combated using Carbon Sequestration methods.

For some industries it is too expensive or impractical to make the switch to renewable energy. If  these industries are to continue, we need a solution which stops harmful carbon dioxide reaching the atmosphere. Carbon capture, utilisation & storage (CCUS) provides a practical solution as part of the plan to achieve Net Zero. Technology now exists that can remove carbon dioxide from industrial processes. Once captured, it is injected and stored in the subsurface.

With our wealth of  geoscience knowledge  we can apply our skills to CCUS projects both in the UK and abroad. This knowledge can help industry and local authorities identify suitable and safe storage locations and advise on the risks associated with such projects.  

Merlin is already engaged in delivering CCUS having carried out a collaborative project for the UK regulator (OGA). This work delivered a CCUS risking scheme that the OGA will use to help delivery sustainable CCUS schemes.

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Energy is a renewable energy source Merlin can use their subsurface skills to support.

In volcanic regions of the world, geothermal energy is harnessed to provide a cleaner energy source for power. For example, in Iceland over 25% of the electricity comes from this source (NEA Iceland). Countries with lower subsurface heat resources, such as the UK, can still benefit from geothermal sources. In these countries, deep aquifers have the potential to provide heating and energy for industrial, municipal and residential use.

Geothermal projects require an understanding of subsurface geology, heat distribution and fluid flow to quantify their energy potential. This in turn allows commercial value and risk profile to be established. We apply our geoscience knowledge and skills to provide support for geothermal exploration projects.

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