Merlin Geoscience Services cover the energy lifecycle

Merlin Geoscience provides a wide range of geoscience services. Having been established from an oil company, our current services focus on hydrocarbon workflows supporting all stages from exploration through to production. However, many of our staff have specialist skills, such as stratigraphy, structural evaluation and petrophysics, which can support companies on a wider range of projects.

A bespoke solution for you

Every project we work on is different, and we will work with you to understand your requirements and deliver a bespoke solution. Our experienced staff provide quality technical support and aim to work as a seamless extension to your existing team.  

Having completed more than 90 operating projects with over 140 clients globally, Merlin have been involved in a wide range of assets both geographically and stratigraphically. We look forward to applying our experience to your project. 

Merlin Geoscience offers support across the energy lifecycle

New Opportunities

New opportunities - Merlin Geoscience can help you make the most of your energy opportunities

If you are looking to expand your energy portfolio we can support you in licence round applications or asset purchases of exploration, appraisal or development projects. Integrating our regional knowledge  and petroleum systems experience we provide an independent analysis of asset value. We focus on understanding the key uncertainties to provide recommendations of forward work that would be required to realise the value of the asset.


Stratigraphy forms the basis of interpretations, Merlin have the specialists who can help

Technical Support Options

Merlin Geoscience offers support on individual projects or, if you need more extensive support, will act as an outsourced technical team. In either case we try to ensure on a given project you always work with the same staff. This helps to provide continuity and to build a strong relationship with you. By working closely with you we will ensure our project workflows fulfil your required deliverables.

We also provide experienced advice to companies to assist them to optimise the value of their assets through mitigation of key risks and uncertainties. These advisory services can assist at management and board level by providing an independent technical review prior to key business decisions

Merlin also provides GIS (Geographic Information System) project support, including full geodetic audit and project set up. Merlin uses both ESRI and Blue Marble Geographics software to deliver projects, utilising data visualisation and analysis tools to aid understanding and evaluation.  

Merlin’s Geoscience Experience

Merlin Geoscience works on projects covering the whole energy lifecycle including exploration, appraisal, development, and maximisation of late life field recovery. Our experienced staff bring together a range of geoscience skills including stratigraphy, structural interpretation, reservoir geology, rock physics and log analysis. This is complemented by reservoir engineering input from Belltree Ltd. who Merlin have worked closely with for many years.


Project execution - let Merlin Geoscience help you

Bringing together first hand experience from ourselves and our partners, Merlin Geoscience staff can support seismic acquisition and drilling operations. We make sure we have a clear understanding of project aims and offer recommendations which optimise the value of your data acquisition programmes. Our staff are able to provide real-time operations support to ensure projects remain on time and budget.

Following on from acquisition, Merlin can support seismic and log processing ensuring you receive a quality product from your data. We can also use our network to support physical data analysis of well samples ensuring that any analysis is fit for purpose and cost effective.


Commercialise your assets

Commercialisation of assets is key to all business. Whether you are a listed company who requires confirmation of asset value or are looking to farm your assets out, Merlin has decades of experience in advising and supporting you. Merlin can provide asset valuations, run physical data rooms, create technical VDR documentation, Information Memoranda or represent you in conferences or industry shows.



Large numbers of wells are still waiting to be decommissioned globally. Cost is a key consideration for decommissioning activities and Merlin focus our workflows on safely optimising plug placement, thereby reducing costs. Using our subsurface knowledge we can support individual or more extensive decommissioning planning operations.

Services to Complement Our Own Skills

Merlin has built up a network of Associates and third-party providers to deliver a range of additional services as part of a larger integrated team. Also, we have a long standing alliance with Belltree Ltd. with whom we deliver projects that fully integrate geoscience workflows with industry leading Reservoir Engineering and Petroleum Engineering workflows. Together, we can also deploy Belltree’s game-changing benchmarking software (bMarkTM) or carry out ‘Locate The Remaining Oil’ studies.

Want to know more?

We maintain a library of technical articles which explain more about the services we deliver. Please click on the link to explore the library.


Merlin have been providing geological and geophysical consultancy services and support to Trapoil for the past two years. The quality of the technical work provided is of the highest standard and is complemented by effective client liaison and impressive turnaround times. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Merlin to any company that has a requirement for subsurface evaluation services offered by this dedicated and specialist group of professionals.

Jersey Oil & Gas

As CEO and Director of various companies over the past 20 years, Merlin has worked for me as a client of Medusa Oil Limited, Ramco Energy plc, Aurelian Oil & Gas PLC and Trajan Resources Limited. In the main, the activities covered have been focused on exploration in Central Europe where Merlin’s expertise in both geology and geophysics has been absolutely invaluable. Merlin comprises a small group of dedicated professionals, whose experience in their various fields and the willingness to combine this in providing a personal service is second to none.

Trajan Resources Ltd.

The quality of the technical work provided is of the highest standard and is complemented by effective client liaison and impressive turnaround times. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Merlin to any company that has a requirement for subsurface evaluation services offered by this dedicated and specialist group of professionals.


As a G&G partner, Merlin deliver high-quality studies in a clear format allowing our management team to effectively screen investment opportunities. The Merlin team work closely alongside our own, contributing a valuable external perspective.


Merlin’s dedicated professional team consistently delivers a high standard of ongoing support to our subsurface activities.

Savannah Petroleum PLC

Merlin has been providing geological and geophysical consultancy services to Lansdowne Oil & Gas for more than eight years and we have been delighted with the work they have performed. Merlin have assisted us with planning and executing 2D and 3D seismic programmes, have subsequently interpreted and mapped the data and carried the work flow through prospect identification and quantification. Particular strengths of Merlin are the timely manner in which projects have been carried out, the very personalised nature of the service they provide and the range of skills within the team. In addition to regional and prospect scale geoscience work they have also provided specialist support in petrophysics, structural geology and biostratigraphy.

Lansdowne Oil & Gas plc

Merlin organised and led an excellent integrated field trip and technical seminar for the whole [Aurelian] exploration team ; this was a perfect combination of geoscience master class and discussion of live exploration projects in the classroom followed immediately by time in the field examining primarily structural but also stratigraphic elements pertinent to the subsurface challenges we were tackling. The balance worked extremely well and was supported with an excellent field guide; going beyond the normal as it also included sufficient theoretical and practical published material to illustrate and expand on the geometries and relationships observed in the field. The combination meant field learning’s were directly applicable into exploration and development issues currently being worked by the company. Tim Wright and Phil Copestake are excellent leaders and balanced encouraging participants to develop their own observation skills with their own extensive local and literature knowledge to widen the value of the trip far above that of a show and tell. The outcrops were excellent and accommodation and catering much appreciated by the trip participants. I am planning to work again with Merlin on a similar trip next year.


Excalibur Exploration is a client of Merlin Energy Resources. Over the last year they have worked for us on our two Irish Licensing Options, particularly in the North Celtic Sea Basin. What we have found particularly valuable is the close working relationships that quickly developed. The ease with-which we can get a response from them, even when the appropriate team member is away from the Merlin home office, has been much appreciated. The quality of their technical work is excellent and it has been carried out at a very reasonable price.

Excalibur Exploration Ltd.

Your great strength in the Lebanon Project (and in other work you have done for us….) lies in the fact that you just get on with the important things and don’t need to be managed intensively.

We needed to compile an integrated interpretation and you have all the skills under one roof to do that. You accessed academic publications that we overlooked, and brought in new ideas (especially around stratigraphy) that proved valuable. In addition you worked well as a team with our other consultants and combined effectively with them. Lastly – it is good that you captured all your work in a report; too often we lose the product of our labours.

JX Nippon Exploration & Production (U.K.) Limited