Clean, Organise and catalogue your data

Good data underpins sound business decisions. Business projects and operations are often fast moving and immersive and it is very easy lose sight of your physical and digital data holdings.  These resources can quickly become disordered reducing their value. A Datawise rationalisation project on part or all of your data holdings can help you avoid this by cleaning up and restoring order.  This allows you to regain control and realise value from your data.

Organise your data to optimise your use of digital assets.

What's involved?

Merlin's Capability

We are experienced in processing complete digital data collections accumulated over time from different sources. These often contain significant duplication and redundant data, lack consistent structure or organisation and are not readily searchable. We work through these systems to deliver a consistent structured file system accessed via a searchable catalogue. This improved dataset integrity enables you to take more confident technical and business decisions.  We have directly supported ongoing technical operations for clients which saw a high success rate due to their ability to fully integrate all their technical information in a timely manner.