When you are decommisioning a well

A full understanding of the subsurface is key to the planning and execution of cost effective decommissioning and restoration activities.

Understanding the subsurface geology enables early identification of potential well integrity issues.  This in turn helps optimise the placement of isolation plugs. In addition an understanding of regional geology can aid optimisation of multi-well abandonment operations.

 We want to help you reduce operations time and cost without impacting safety. 

What's involved?

Merlin's Capability

Merlin has the expertise to provide fully integrated subsurface support.

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Optimisation of plug placement is achieved through interpretation of a rock property model.  We can provide an understanding of flow zone and sealing lithology distribution and spatial distribution of pore pressure.

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Sampling and analysis of gas, oil and water identifies fluid flow paths, cross flow and leakage.  We can also use these techniques to validate reservoir isolation for regulatory authorities.

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Merlin Datawise specialises in document management and knowledge capture of exploration studies, offset well data, field drilling data, well completion and workover documents, and production reports.

Merlin Partners & Associates

Overburden & underburden rock property analysis, reservoir & well engineering and geomechanics services support the workflow as required.