BEOS 2023 – One week to go!

With just one week to go until BEOS 2023 Merlin are looking forward to meeting up with industry colleagues.

Taking place Tuesday 25th – Wednesday 26th April at the Business Design Centre London, BEOS combines PROSPEX and APPEX into a one-stop shop of new business opportunities. As well as presentations from companies looking to farm prospects out, there are also various talks on monetising industry business opportunities.

We look forward to meeting everyone attending, please come along to our stand and say hello!

Phil Copestake fromat Merlin Energy Resources Ltd
Georgina Lockham, Geoscience assistant at Merlin Energy Resources

Merlin Geoscience Logo

Merlin Geoscience will be represented by Bill Wilks, Phil Copestake and Georgina Lockham who are happy to talk all things geological and geophysical across the energy sector, supporting both traditional oil and gas and energy transition projects.

Paul Taylor, Principal Geochemist at Merlin Energy Resources

Merlin Geochemistry logo

Merlin Geochem will be represented by Paul Taylor, our Principal Geochemist. He can show you how fluid fingerprinting could help you better understand your fluid system and provide low cost  / low impact data for multiple applications from reservoir connectivity to production allocation and asset integrity.

Merlin Datawise logo

Most companies have pain points within their data management. Come and talk to any of the above staff, to see if we can help relieve some of yours and enable you to make better use of your data.