Merlin Energy at the Asia Pacific Conference 2024: Networking and Insights

The Asia Pacific Conference 2024, organised by the Geoscience Energy Society of Great Britain (GESGB) and South East Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX), was held at the iconic Kia Oval in London from June 18th to 19th. This significant event brought together industry experts, policymakers and stakeholders to discuss the future of sustainable energy in the Asia Pacific region. Merlin was honoured to be part of this gathering, with our team members Benjamin Adillah, Senior Reservoir Engineer, and Eleanor Oldham, Senior Geophysicist, actively participating in the technical program and networking opportunities offered. They were able to exchange ideas with peers on critical topics including CO2  storage and its potential to contribute to net-zero emissions goals.

The conference provided valuable insights into:

  • Understanding Regional Energy Trends – Highlighting the unique energy challenges and opportunities in the Asia Pacific region, providing valuable context for our work in global energy solutions.
  • Emphasis on Sustainability – Discussions underscored the importance of sustainable practices in geoscience and reservoir engineering, aligning with Merlin’s commitment to promoting environmental responsibility.

Ben and Eleanor found the Asia Pacific Conference 2024 to be a fruitful experience, offering a wealth of knowledge and new connections. Ben found the conference an excellent opportunity to reconnect with industry colleagues and discuss the future of sustainable energy in the Asia Pacific region. The insights gained will be invaluable as Merlin continue to develop and refine projects. Eleanor was particularly impressed with the size of the event which exceeded her expectations allowing her to learn a lot about the geology of SE Asia and meet colleagues active in this region.

Merlin remains committed to staying at the forefront of the energy industry by engaging with key stakeholders and staying informed about the latest trends and developments. We are excited to apply the insights gained from this conference to our ongoing and future projects.

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We hope to see you at the next event!