Merlin celebrates being Employee Owned for 5 years!

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On 1st July 2021, Merlin celebrated being 5 years employee owned! We spent the day exploring the history of Gloucester with team treasure hunts, a BBQ lunch and the inevitable team building task of constructing a bridge. To read more about Merlin becoming employee owned and to see more pictures of our celebrations, read our latest newsletter.

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EO Day 2021

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Today is Employee Ownership day 2021! This year marks a milestone for Merlin with regards to employee ownership. In just 6 days time, on 1st July, Merlin will be proudly celebrating being 5 years Employee Owned. Find out more about employee ownership in our newsletter.

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New Ventures

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Earlier this year Merlin held an inaugural New Ventures brainstorming session, where all staff from the G&G consultancy and Datawise divisions were given ‘soap box’ time to present their innovative ideas. These sessions bring the creative instincts to the fore and have delivered a number of New Venture concepts to take forward in 2019 and beyond. So watch this space!

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