Introducing the Geopark

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Merlin has posted a number of times about its sponsorship of the Abberley and Malvern Hills Geopark, but we have never fully introduced it. This blog aims to correct that oversight and introduce you to a scenic part of the country that we are lucky enough to have on our doorstep. Continue reading to find out more.

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Merlin Team building

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This year, the staff at Merlin have embraced our Employee Owner spirit, enjoying several team building activities as part of our EO and 25th anniversary celebrations. Continue reading to see what we have been up to...

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New Ventures Day

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Last week Merlin's employee owners took part in a new ventures brainstorming day. The variety of the pitches was incredible and highlighted the creativity of the Merlin Team.

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EO Day 2023

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Friday 23rd June marks the 11th annual EO day. Here at Merlin, our employees are at the core of the company. We encourage each other, give advice, listen to feedback, and celebrate individuals personal and professional achievements.

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EO Celebrations 2022

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Today, 1st July, is the 6th anniversary of Merlin’s transition to Employee Ownership, the ethos which underlies everything at Merlin.  As part of our EO culture, Merlin takes time to bring the whole team together for an annual celebration. This year we celebrated on 24th June, the official UK EO day.  In true Merlin fashion we opted to get outdoors and look at a few views, some of which might have included a rock or two. To read more about our EO celebrations, continue reading below..

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Merlin celebrates being Employee Owned for 5 years!

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On 1st July 2021, Merlin celebrated being 5 years employee owned! We spent the day exploring the history of Gloucester with team treasure hunts, a BBQ lunch and the inevitable team building task of constructing a bridge. To read more about Merlin becoming employee owned and to see more pictures of our celebrations, read our latest newsletter.

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EO Day 2021

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Today is Employee Ownership day 2021! This year marks a milestone for Merlin with regards to employee ownership. In just 6 days time, on 1st July, Merlin will be proudly celebrating being 5 years Employee Owned. Find out more about employee ownership in our newsletter.

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