DEVEX debrief

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Bill Wilks, Sandy Smith and Paul Taylor travelled to Aberdeen to represent Merlin’s Geoscience Consulting, Datawise and Geochem Divisions at the DEVEX 2022 meeting on 10th & 11th May.  Continue reading to find out more about the conference and our take-homes from the event..

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DEVEX 2022!

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DEVEX 2022 is underway! Merlin are glad to be back at conferences and able to chat and network in person again. If you are there, why not pop over to our stand and say hello to Bill Wilks, Paul Taylor and Sandy Smith.

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One week until DEVEX 2022!

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There is just one week to go until DEVEX 2022. The theme of the conference is 'Developing the Future – Powering the Energy Transition to 2050', and asks the question 'What will our wells and fields look like going forward?' Merlin will be exhibiting both days of the conference. Come along, say hello and see if Merlin can help you with your geoscience, geochemistry or data management needs.

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We’re going to DEVEX!

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DEVEX 2022 is taking place Tuesday 10th - Wednesday 11th May 2022, and Merlin will be there! Come along to our stand and have a chat to Bill Wilks, Paul Taylor and Sandy Smith about all your geoscience, geochemistry and data management needs. We are looking forward to seeing you there.

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What connects hydrocarbon reservoirs, geochemistry and elephants?

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A collaborative approach is key if we are to solve the complex puzzles that nature presents in our quest to find and produce hydrocarbons safely and economically. A huge amount of information is encoded in the complex chemical mixture that is petroleum. These processes can be revealed and reconstructed by geochemical analysis of produced fluids, mud gas or rock samples.

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