What did Python ever do for us?

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There’s no denying that knowledge of a programming language is a useful skill to have as we move towards an ever increasingly digital workplace. It signifies freedom to break away from software constraints by providing a platform where you can create your own processes. Interested? Read more about how and why Eleanor Oldham started learning Python and how coding may benefit you in our latest newsletter.

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Keywise: Gain rapid data insight using auto-extracted keywords and key-phrases

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In this digital age vast quantities of data are generated and stored on company systems. With even the most robust filing systems in place, dark and unstructured data builds up and knowledge is effectively “lost”. Keywise is a robust, intelligent, in-house Datawise utility to extract keywords and phrases from any collection of files creating knowledge and context to documents.

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North Sea Digital Transformation Summit

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The Digital Transformation Summit, held 21st-22nd May in Edinburgh, brought together expertise from Oil & Gas, Academia, Aerospace and other key industry sectors. The concept of digital transformation promises an exciting future where autonomous AI systems drive value creation, efficiency and safety, but these systems are not magical. Continue reading to learn more..

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