CCS4G Symposium

CCS4G Conference December 2022

Helen Bone, Ben Adillah and David Whitworth will be attending the CCS4G (Carbon Capture and Storage for Geoscientists) symposium, taking place at Holiday Inn, Regent’s Park, London on 15th December 2022.

As the number of CCS projects continue to grow worldwide in order to help meet Net Zero targets, collaboration and knowledge sharing becomes even more important as we transition from oil and gas to a new energy mix. This one-day conference focuses on the geoscience aspects of geological CO2 storage and will help answer the question ‘what is next?’ in the fast-paced energy transition.

Come and find us for a chat about how Merlin can help support your CCS projects.

Helen Bone, Principal Geologist, Merlin Energy Resources Ltd
Helen Bone – Chartered Geologist
Ben Adillah – Reservoir Engineer
David Whitworth – Graduate Geologist