National Careers Week and British Science Week 2021

A busy week for STEM outreach

The beginning of March marks a busy time for Merlin’s involvement in the wider community.  This week (1-6th March) is ‘National Careers Week’ which aims to empower positive change through careers education. This is followed next week (5-14th March) by ‘British Science Week’ which celebrates science, engineering, technology and maths.

STEM as a career

Our geologist Helen Bone chose her career having been given the opportunity to study Geology to A-level, but who knows where she would be now if she had not been given that chance? It certainly wasn’t something she had considered as a career up to that point! As one of the few people she knows who has a genuine love of her job she is equally passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with students and thus opening their eyes to a subject they may not have considered as a future career path.

The COVID-related shift to video-calling has given STEM Ambassadors extra out-reach, as Helen has been able to give talks at three schools in very different parts of the country. This provides an opportunity to both introduce geology as a distinct science and also showcase the range of careers that geology can lead into. Importantly, a number of schools have specifically asked for women in STEM to give career talks to address stereotypes that STEM is not an area women work in. Again, this is an excellent opportunity for Helen to share her story and change perceptions.

Merlin staff are pleased to share their love of geosciences in initiatives such as this and support and encourage the next generation of geoscientists. Indeed, key elements of the Energy Transition will need to draw on the skills of geoscientists, so we need more, not less!