Geological Society of London Memoir 59

Further to our blog message of 8th October 2021, MERL staff would like to congratulate Philip Copestake on the completion of Geological Society of London Memoir 59, Sequence Stratigraphy of the Jurassic–Lowermost Cretaceous (Hettangian–Berriasian) of the North Sea Region. The volume, co-authored with Mark Partington of Woodside Petroleum, was released on the Lyell Collection on Friday. 

We can recommend taking a look at the 14 chapters which are being released in “approved manuscript” versions (i.e. pre printed), which Lyell Collection subscribers are able to download in pdf format.  The printed book will be available in Spring 2023. 

The overall volume contains descriptions of 39 Jurassic to lowermost Cretaceous stratigraphic sequences of the North Sea Region, and is copiously illustrated with numerous well displays, seismic lines and outcrop photographs.  The volume also discusses sequence stratigraphic concepts, methodologies and likely controls on sequence development, together with case histories from the region.  The book is supplemented by a lexicon of lithostratigraphic unit descriptions and a fully described biozonation schemes that are key to the definition of the sequences.