It’s Competition Time!

BEOS competition Prize

It’s competition time at BEOS 2024.

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning a copy of Philip Copestake’s Geol Soc Memoir No.59 and this lovely Parkinsonia rarecostata ammonite, head over to booth 46 where you will find instructions on how to enter!

Parkinsonia rarecostata

The ammonite species is diagnostic of the Parkinsoni Zone (Upper Bajocian), which is the level of a major sequence boundary marking the base of the J30 second order sequence (base of the J32 third order sequence).  In Dorset this falls near the top of the Inferior Oolite (from which level this specimen is found), whereas in the North Sea, the correlative surface marks the base of the Tarbert Formation, in the uppermost Brent Group and is considered to fall in the Parkinsoni Zone. This boundary is discussed in the Memoir 59 on page 122 (Chapter 4).  [The actual ammonite species is not mentioned, but the Parkinsoni Zone, that it is from, is discussed on pages 118 – 122].