Interpretation Pitfalls – The Danger of Believing your Data!

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I don’t know about you but one of the most enjoyable and rewarding aspects of working in geoscience for me is actually in getting it wrong! Where would the fun be if things always turned out just as we predicted? The mantra ‘expect the unexpected’ comes to mind when dealing with sub-surface data. The flexible geoscientist recognises the flaws in their data and uses their geological nous to fill in the gaps and to consider what might be, rather than what the data seems to be showing them. This spectacular example illustrates the point and, through a seismic re-processing exercise, happily delivers the ‘big reveal’. Read on..

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New Ventures

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Earlier this year Merlin held an inaugural New Ventures brainstorming session, where all staff from the G&G consultancy and Datawise divisions were given ‘soap box’ time to present their innovative ideas. These sessions bring the creative instincts to the fore and have delivered a number of New Venture concepts to take forward in 2019 and beyond. So watch this space!

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North Sea Digital Transformation Summit

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The Digital Transformation Summit, held 21st-22nd May in Edinburgh, brought together expertise from Oil & Gas, Academia, Aerospace and other key industry sectors. The concept of digital transformation promises an exciting future where autonomous AI systems drive value creation, efficiency and safety, but these systems are not magical. Continue reading to learn more..

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Geology without Borders

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However you say it, the world’s geology does not see political borders the same way us humans do. Rocks are inherently less territorial! At Merlin, we have increasingly recognised the value in transferring knowledge across political boundaries.

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Setting New Standards for Irish Stratigraphy

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Offshore Ireland has recently become a region of significant hydrocarbon exploration interest, sparked by the Atlantic Margin Licensing Rounds in 2011 and 2015, as a result of which, licences were awarded across the Porcupine, Slyne, Rockall and Goban Spur basins. Merlin have been awarded a project to define a standard stratigraphic nomenclature on behalf of the Government of Ireland.

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