SW Coast walk

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In May this year, John Donato completed the 630 miles of the South West Coast Path, a journey that has taken him seven years. Find out more about his epic journey in our newsletter.

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Outreach Training

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Here at Merlin we are doing our bit to connect with the community around us and give a little bit of knowledge back to show just how magical planet Earth really is. Find out how Tim Wright got on presenting a lesson on 'being a geoscientist' at a local primary school..

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Our Environmental Impact

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Here at Merlin we want to do our bit for the environment, so over recent months we have been looking at ways to reduce our environmental impact and improve our sustainability in our daily activities. Continue reading to find out how we are doing this..

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Canoeing fun for Merlin

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Earlier this month the team at Merlin had a day out of the office and went canoeing down the River Wye. This is part of our ongoing strategy to introduce more social activities into the year and keep the company a fun and exciting place to work. Continue reading to see how we got on..

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Interpretation Pitfalls – The Danger of Believing your Data!

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I don’t know about you but one of the most enjoyable and rewarding aspects of working in geoscience for me is actually in getting it wrong! Where would the fun be if things always turned out just as we predicted? The mantra ‘expect the unexpected’ comes to mind when dealing with sub-surface data. The flexible geoscientist recognises the flaws in their data and uses their geological nous to fill in the gaps and to consider what might be, rather than what the data seems to be showing them. This spectacular example illustrates the point and, through a seismic re-processing exercise, happily delivers the ‘big reveal’. Read on..

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