African Licensing Rounds

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The political climate in many African nations is becoming increasingly stable, with governments keen to attract foreign investment to unlock the potential of their natural resources. There are currently plenty of opportunities for those seeking new acreage in Africa: From high-risk high-reward deepwater plays to near-field onshore exploration. Many African licensing rounds are still going ahead in spite of the Covid-19 pandemic, albeit with delays to the planned timetables. Keep reading to find out more…

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Offshore Ireland Project at the Atlantic Ireland 2019 Conference

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The “Integrated Biostratigraphic & Lithostratigraphic Framework of Offshore Ireland” project, which was awarded by the Petroleum Infrastructure Programme (PIP) to a Merlin led consortium in 2016, is currently in its final write up stage. The project received a high profile at the Atlantic Ireland 2019 Conference held in Dublin in late October, where some of the key results were presented in three conference talks.

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EarthCaching Excitement

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You may have read the introduction to Geocaching in Merlin’s May newsletter, but one specific type of geocache that may be of special interest to the geoscientist is the EarthCache. Continue reading to find out more..

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Outreach Training

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Here at Merlin we are doing our bit to connect with the community around us and give a little bit of knowledge back to show just how magical planet Earth really is. Find out how Tim Wright got on presenting a lesson on 'being a geoscientist' at a local primary school..

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Our Environmental Impact

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Here at Merlin we want to do our bit for the environment, so over recent months we have been looking at ways to reduce our environmental impact and improve our sustainability in our daily activities. Continue reading to find out how we are doing this..

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Canoeing fun for Merlin

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Earlier this month the team at Merlin had a day out of the office and went canoeing down the River Wye. This is part of our ongoing strategy to introduce more social activities into the year and keep the company a fun and exciting place to work. Continue reading to see how we got on..

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