On Thursday 14th December, Eleanor Oldham attended the GESGB’s CCS4G Symposium on behalf of Merlin and presented on how stochastic methods can be used to assess mechanical top-seal risk of a potential CCS site. This blog post provides a round up of the event.

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Insights from UKCCS Research Community Spring Conference

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Last week, Bill Wilks and David Whitworth attended the UKCCS Research Community (UKCCSRC) Spring Conference, which followed the theme ‘CCS from Geographically Dispersed Industries’. The conference featured a broad range of excellent talks from subsurface geoscience and engineering, through to sourcing and transport logistics, and finally to policy and economic considerations. To learn more about the conference and how Merlin can help you, continue reading..

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Rock Physics:  Maximise the value of your data

Rock physics analysis can maximise the value of your existing data, allowing you to de-risk amplitude driven prospects and make more informed decisions about future investments.  It can also be used to support the Energy Transition, providing a set of workflows essential for screening and monitoring CCS sites. At its heart, rock physics provides the link between seismic and well log data which opens up a wealth of opportunities. Continue reading to find out more...

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